Thanks to Lila Rose, the president of Live Action, the public is learning more and more about the deeply entrenched culture of corruption that permeates Planned Parenthood. The latest videotape of Planned Parenthood employees showed how cooperative they are in offering friendly advice to persons posing as pimps and prostitutes in the Bronx: the imposters were assured of confidentiality, thus enabling them to proceed with their sex-trafficking enterprise with under-age girls.
Joan Malin, the president of Planned Parenthood in New York City, was recently quoted in the New York Times defending her employees. “Under New York State law, we are not required to report criminal activity.” She’s right about that, but she disingenuously failed to say why.
The reason why there is no mandatory reporting law in New York State (only some professions are covered) is because liberals—not the Catholic Church—have worked hard to defeat one: Family Planning Advocates, the lobbying arm of Planned Parenthood, has teamed up with the New York Civil Liberties Union and other liberal groups to kill these bills.
Why does Planned Parenthood oppose a mandatory reporting law for cases involving the sexual abuse of a minor? Because it threatens their livelihood. Their counselors learn of statutory rape cases all the time, and if they were forced to call the cops, it would hurt their business. So they just go along, in effect working as an accomplice with rapists.
And they call themselves champions of women’s rights. But what rights? The right to be raped? The right of an abortion worker to kill their child? The first feminists, those who pioneered women’s rights in the nineteenth century, knew that abortion allowed men to exploit women.
They obviously got it. Sadly, Planned Parenthood does not.

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