We got a lot of complaints before the Super Bowl that one of the advertisements during the game featured churchgoers receiving Doritos and Pepsi at Communion in place of bread and wine. A video was made disrespecting the Eucharist, but neither Doritos nor Pepsi had anything to do with it. Moreover, it never aired.
To be sure, there was a contest sponsored by Doritos and Pepsi asking the public to submit a video for competition; the winner would be aired on TV. The offensive video was submitted, but was never selected. When asked about this ad in a radio interview, Bill Donohue said it was unfair to blame either Doritos or Pepsi, as they had nothing to do with its creation.
Every complaint we field, we fact check. We have to, as there are too many false alarms like this one. But we do appreciate getting tips, as many of them prove to be accurate in the end. That’s why we have to act like detectives.

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