There is a story about an abusive Jesuit priest in today’s New York Times. The headline reads, “Suit Says Jesuits Ignored Decades of Warnings About Priest.” There is a large picture of Father Donald McGuire with his hand on the back of a young boy on the day of his First Communion. The caption below says that the priest “was later convicted of sexual abuse.”

The inference is that McGuire was a pedophile. But as the reader quickly learns, all of McGuire’s victims were teenage boys. Thus did the Times play politics with this picture—they made it look like he abused prepubescent boys. No, like most molesting priests, McGuire did not want the kids—he wanted adolescent young men. He was a homosexual.

*We received a phone call from someone claiming to be the boy in the picture and he alleges that the abuse started at the age of six.

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