The Catholic League has begun a petition drive against Disney chairman, Michael Eisner, for sanctioning the ABC show, “Nothing Sacred.” League members have been mailed the petition and the drive has also been announced on EWTN, Focus on the Family, CBN and several other television and radio outlets. The response so far has been incredible. In addition, local broadcasters, such as WMIH in Cleveland, are playing a major role in getting out the petitions.

The league expects to deliver the petitions to Eisner prior to the debut of the show on September 18. Here is the text of the petition:

We petition you, Michael Eisner, to withdraw the ABC show, “Nothing Sacred,” from the fall lineup. The priests I know do not think of their vocation as merely a “job,” and they do not question the existence of God. Nor do they violate their duties as a confessor while rejecting the Church’s teachings on sexuality. For you to sanction the creation of such a character is mind-boggling. And this is especially true given your portrayal of the Catholic clergy in the Disney/Miramax movie, “Priest.”

So please do what is right and spike this program. Not to do so is to send a message to Catholics, as well as to people of all faiths, that Disney has an agenda against Catholicism.

League president William Donohue commented on the petition today:

“Since ABC won’t give us the names of the sponsors for ‘Nothing Sacred,’ we will start with a petition drive based on our members. Once we learn of the sponsors, we will do everything we can to dissuade them from supporting this show.”

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