Unfortunately, for Penn State, “back to school” means back to bigotry. The Catholic League was involved in two incidents last academic year, and already this year we are involved again.

Penn State is hosting a conference on Education Technology, September 17-20, and has invited some outstanding scholars to share their thoughts. Fine. What troubles us is the cover of the brochure that advertises the event. The cover features the drawing of a man resembling Christ: dressed only in a cloth covering his waist, the man’s naked body is pierced with pens and pencils; a halo surrounds his head.

This drawing obviously has nothing to do with the conference, but it does have something to do with the way Christians are thought of at Penn State. The conference planner whom we wrote to is Christopher Dufour. He can be reached at: Continuing and Distance Education, Penn State University, 225 State Conference Center Hotel, University Park, PA 16802-7002.

By the way, the Young America’s Foundation annually releases its top ten list of left-wing excesses that occur during the academic year at our nation’s colleges and universities. For the 1996-1997 year, fifth place went to Penn State for defending the blasphemous and obscene “art” that the Catholic League protested.

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