A tactic that the Catholic League has used to protest the ABC show, “Nothing Sacred,” is to conduct a petition drive against Disney, the owner of ABC. It has proven to be a major success. Today, the Catholic League will mail to Michael Eisner, chairman of Disney, the names of approximately 500,000 persons who have signed the petition to date requesting that he spike the program; more will be sent periodically.

Catholic League president William Donohue offered the following comment on this issue today:

“Two days from now Michael Eisner will be presented with the signatures of a half-million persons who are fed up with Disney for promoting ‘Nothing Sacred.’ Parishes signed the petition, as did groups of priests, nuns and religious. Without solicitation, Protestant churches made the petition available, and Jews and Muslims also supported the drive. Everyone knows that more is at stake than just a show that pushes the envelope against Catholics.

“Eisner, of course, is prepared to let the show run its course. We are just as prepared to do everything we can to short-circuit the season. To think that so many Americans signed this petition in the matter of just a few short weeks is encouraging. What this signals is that the league’s next step, a boycott of the show’s sponsors, will be a success.”

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