The Catholic League’s call for a boycott of the sponsors of “Nothing Sacred” has secured a multidenominational response. Here is a list of those organizations that are calling for the boycott: Alliance Defense Fund; American Catholic Lawyers Association; American Family Association; American Life League; Americans United for the Pope; Ancient Order of Hibernians (New York County); Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation; Cardinal Newman Society; Catholic Answers, Inc.; Catholic Coalition of Westchester; Catholic Defense League of Minnesota; Catholics United for the Faith; Chinese Catholic Information Center; Concerned Women for America; Family Defense Council; Focus on the Family; League of Catholic Voters; Legatus; Jewish Action Alliance; Jews for Morality; Morality in Media; Muslim Coalition/Peace Press Association; National Cops for Life; Pro-Life Action League; Sons of Italy, Commission for Social Justice; Women for Faith and Family.

Here is a list of the sponsors whom we will boycott: Glaxo Wellcome (Zantac 75), Helene-Curtis (Suave Shampoo), Isuzu, Unilever U.S. (Wisk and Surf), Red Lobster, Sears, Dupont (Corian), AT&T (Telecom USA), Proctor and Gamble (Downy), Bayer (Aleve), Burlington Coat Factory, Scott’s (Liquid Gold), Visa, Benckiser (Electrosol Tabs), Weight Watchers, K-Mart, DreamWorks (“The Peacemaker”), Cadillac (Catera), Chesebrough Pond’s (Mentadent), 20th Century Fox (“The Edge”), Reynolds Wrap, Alberto Culver (FDS Feminine Deodorant).

William Donohue offered these remarks today:

“Twenty seven organizations, representing millions of Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Muslims, have pledged to boycott the sponsors of ‘Nothing Sacred.’ The Catholic League will contact all the sponsors and ask them to withdraw support for this show so that we can terminate the boycott. While all of the sponsors bear responsibility for the show, special mention must be made of Glaxo Wellcome, Sears and Unilever: they have recently been rated by the American Family Association as among the top five sponsors of sex, violence and profanity on TV and that is why their association with ‘Nothing Sacred’ makes them our prime targets in this boycott.”

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