The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has opened a new advertising campaign that shows the Virgin Mary breast-feeding baby Jesus.  The inscription at the top reads “If It Was Good Enough for Jesus…”; just below it is “The Breast Is Best—”

Catholic League president William Donohue commented as follows:

“In 1996, PETA libeled Boys Town, the famous Catholic home for troubled boys, with false accusations that it was home to a pedophile ring; the animal-rights group objected to animal research that was being done at Boys Town.  In 1997, it continued its war against Boys Town when some of its members dressed as Satan while screaming from the roof of the hospital.  In 2000, it withdrew its ‘Jesus Was a Vegetarian’ campaign after Priests of the Sacred Heart protested.  Also in 2000, PETA showed the Shroud of Turin on a poster with the words, ‘Make a Lasting Impression—Go Vegetarian.’  Now it’s back again.

“Our Blessed Mother means a great deal to Catholics.  We do not look kindly on those who seek to make a cheap point at our expense in order to advance their mad animal-rights crusade.

“Animals are entitled to our protective welfare—they are incapable of possessing rights because their inability to think disqualifies them as moral agents.  That’s one thing that the leadership of PETA has in common with their precious salamanders—an inability to think.  But just because passion has overcome their faculty of reason is no justification for not holding them responsible for their actions.

“What these stiffs need is an old-fashioned Irish remedy—a shot of whiskey in milk.  The whiskey will lighten them up and the milk will do wonders for their sickly condition.”

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