Those with an agenda are taking advantage of the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.  Catholic League president William Donohue spoke to this issue today:

“For a very long time, those on the far right and the far left have greeted bad news about the Church’s sex abuse scandals as good news.  The former say we’ve had too many reforms and the latter say we’ve had too few.  Both act more like gnostics than learned men.

“So-called progressive Catholics have been the most vocal lately.  Virtually every Catholic dissident organization has been pressing for widespread reforms.  Most prominent have been Call to Action, Catholics Speak Out, Celibacy is the Issue, CORPUS, Dignity, New Ways Ministry, Rent a Priest and Women’s Ordination Conference.  They all reject the Church’s teachings on celibacy and women’s ordination.  Indeed, they don’t agree with the Church on anything from abortion to homosexuality.

“Anti-Catholic groups like Catholics for a Free Choice have kept a low profile, but the Feminist Majority has not.  Catholic basher Georgie Ann Geyer has taken the opportunity to accuse the Church of conducting a ‘ruthless campaign’ against family planning.  Eileen McNamara of the Boston Globe says the pope must resign.  Gloria Steinem blames patriarchy for the scandal contending this was the same structure that gave us Hitler.  And Anna Quindlen points the finger at the Church’s ‘preoccupation with the sins of the flesh.’

“These are the voices of exasperation.  Having lost most battles, they think now is the time to get what they’ve always wanted—a world where sexual freedom is unlimited and negative consequences are unknown.  It is fantasy land they live in: were it not for their arrogance they would know that libertinism kills.  It kills spiritually, morally, psychologically and physically.  It is not sexual reticence that has delivered the sex abuse scandal—it is sexual license.”

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