In May, we got an e-mail from Professor Sean Innerst of the St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in the Archdiocese of Denver asking our advice on how to handle an upcoming anti-Catholic event. A group of motorcycle bikers were planning a “Catholic School Girl Benefit Poker Run” that was replete with Catholic bashing. The event, scheduled for June 11, was to feature young women dressed in plaid Catholic school short skirts. Pictures available on the group’s website made it clear that obscene and highly insulting behavior was going to be exhibited.

Our advice was to get local Catholics to jam the lines of the County Commissioner of Larimer County and let him know how inappropriate it would be to give the bigots a permit to hold this event. We also suggested that concerned Catholics show up at one of the scheduled open meetings with the commissioner, and that all local officials be pressured to act.

Our advice was taken and within no time at all the officials decided that no permit would be extended. Score one for our side.

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