Deborah Harry, the lead singer in the band Blondie, has released a new album, The Curse of Blondie. In her song, “Shakedown,” Harry raps such lyrics as, “Whatcha got hidin’ in your body cavity?” She also raps the pope:

“I think I’d have a better chance to see the pope
I get so bored with this shtick and his mini-minute d—
And all his high and mighty
s—, I’m a witch”

To which Catholic League president William Donohue said:

“She’s a witch all right. No convincing needed there. No matter, it looks like the former Playboy bunny is trying to resurrect her career. But being that she’s pushing 60, even Deborah is bright enough to know that Hef isn’t interested. That leaves her with song and dance. On second thought, song is all that’s left.

“Deborah has now entered the world of rap, mimicking all the other foul-mouthed dropouts. But even her dirty little swipe at the pope can’t rescue her enfeebled performance. For example, the Washington Post generously describes her lyrics as ‘borderline ridiculous,’ and the Associated Press dubs them ‘complete crud.’ What the Catholic League thinks isn’t fit to print; so like Hef, we’ll simply take a pass.”

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