The following comments were made subsequent to the publication of our ad inVariety (the ad can be seen by clicking here). They were found on PZ Myers’ blog Pharyngula and in fax and e-mail messages to the Catholic League. All the comments appear in their original form:

“Welp, it finally happened. Bill got hit by that big a** truck called Penn & Teller. So, now Penn & Teller have been added to the list of people that will bring down Donohues’ cult where men wear funny hats. How do I get on that list?”

“I look forward to Penn & Tellers latest season of Bulls**t being released on DVD. (I don’t get Showtime.) I also look forward to Donohue’s book hitting the dollar stores.”

“‘Adult Content’ Like what ? A naked man tortured to death on a cross ?”

“Oh, Jesus Christ, Bill, shut the f*** up already. If you don’t want people ridiculing your beliefs, believe less ridiculous things.”

“He didn’t keep mostly mum.  He defended the actions of the rapist priests.  He is a sick, sick, f***er.”

“Darn I don’t have cable! It would be fun to see what Penn & Teller do with some crackers.”

“A quick aside, are there any estimates on how many people were burned by the church when it had the ability to do so?”

“Well I can’t wait to fill my ‘anti-Catholic bigot’ stomach.”

“It’s the drama. Donohue is the envy of every drag queen I know.”

“Yea, and who knows better than a male Catholic authority figure that the only legitimate form of assault is a rear assault?”

“Maybe Penn & Teller plan to show what priests have traditionally done to altar boys?”

“In an act of reformation they’ve created a new oversight committee. This committee will be primarily in charge of counseling the catholic male youth who have been violated. Their motto is ‘We won’t leave the young boy’s behind’.”

“Man, I wish Penn and Teller would come to Minneapolis…I’d see them in a New York minute! Fricken heroes to me.”

“Religious fanatics use ‘secularism’ as profanity with which to label others that they despise, just like the way ‘liberal’ is used by the vast majority of conservative politicians in the US in the exact same manner Nazi officials used the term ‘Jew’”

“Religious kooks like to combine things they hate with atheism for obvious reasons.”

“Religious kooks hate secularism because it prevents them from taking power and forcing their wingnut beliefs on other people.”

“Hitler always considered himself a Catholic as I understand it, no doubt learned his anti-semitism from the catholic tradition and was certainly a theist.”

“Fascism is at heart a Catholic thing – the base of hierarchy and appeals to ancient tradition… There’s that there were no successful fascist movements (unless forced by invaders) in Protestant countries”

“I think Donohue’s true frustration stems from the fact that the Catholic Church isn’t in charge of the entire world and cannot order the execution of miscreants like Penn & Teller by having them burnt at the stake for apostasy.”

“Scum Donohue is, apparently envious of Muslims who threaten publishers into silence:”

“Bill Donohue needs to take the blindfold off and wise up to the fact that the USA is not and never has been a ‘Christian nation’. From its inception it was a direct assault upon the very idea of a ‘Christian nation.’”

“like we need Penn and Teller to defame the Catholic Church. Their clergy does a damn fine job of that on their own.”

“Hey, Bill! Yeah, you! The guy with the face they used to make gorilla cookies! F*** off and die.”

“Your cult teaches hate and intolerance of any thing that not fall into your narrowly defined category of what a person should be.  Some day we could only be so lucky as to outlaw the ignorance and hate known as religion.”

“Warm greetings from the Netherlands to all of you at the catholic league. Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that all your bickering about P&T’s (most truthful) show about the Vatican is doing wonders for secular publicity. I am very glad to have the television doing satan’s work and spreading the good word about the bad people. Oh wait, satan doesn’t exist…so, I guess it’s a real shame that the lying, stealing, cheating, murdering kiddy-f***ers will not really be going to hell – because that doesn’t exist either. Big juicy gay kiss on your well-puckered sphincters from the fag capital of the world.”

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