In the last edition of Catalyst, we reported that Bill Donohue wrote a letter to Reuben Daniels, director of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) at the Charlotte, North Carolina office, regarding the decision to reopen an investigation that had been closed against Belmont Abbey College. The case deals with the prerogative of the Catholic institution not to cover contraceptives, abortion and sterilization in its health care policy.

We are happy to report that Belmont Abbey has acquired the legal services of the Becket Fund, an excellent law firm in Washington, D.C. Our guess is that the EEOC will not push this case too far.

We are proud to have played a role in this matter. In addition to contacting the EEOC, we sent a copy of our news release detailing what was going on to every bishop in the nation. Now that the school is being represented by the Becket Fund, we feel confident that justice will be done. Its leader, Kevin (Seamus) Hasson, is a good friend and a supremely able lawyer.

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