Not a Christmas goes by without the politically-correct police taking up the cudgels to make the month safe from Christians. It’s not interest in the First Amendment that propels them, it’s paranoia, pure and simple.

Even before Thanksgiving, the convulsions were evident in the Mahopac school district in New York. It seems that those subversives, the Boy Scouts, wanted to sell a holiday wreath at their annual fundraiser. But the mandarins of culture, the Mahopac school officials, wouldn’t allow it. They were afraid that someone might think that the school was endorsing favoritism of one religion over another.

Leaving aside the fact that a wreath is not a religious symbol, what struck us as not simply odd, but mean-spirited, was the contention that at the school’s official fundraising drive, Christmas tree ornaments could be sold because Hanukkah gifts are also sold (the Boy Scouts don’t sell Hanukkah gifts). In other words, it’s okay to hawk religious objects provided that there is representation of more than one religion.

We get the point. It’s okay to for Christians to celebrate Christmas in December because Jews celebrate Hanukkah. Good thing Hanukkah isn’t celebrated in November.

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