A newspaper in Pennsylvania that purports to be mainstream, the Carbondale News, recently gave air to a column on Catholicism that wouldn’t be found in most tabloids. To make matters worse, the writer is a paid member of the newspaper’s staff.

Tom Flannery doesn’t believe in the Real Presence of Jesus. He also doesn’t believe in ethics. He accuses those who don’t accept his beliefs as proclaiming “gross heresies,” and of promoting “detestable teachings” and “abominable lies.” Catholics are charged with “cannibalism” and for that they will see their souls “damned to everlasting perdition.”

We took our complaint to the editor. But given that Flannery works for the newspaper, we have no confidence that anything will be done about it. This was no mistake, rather it was a blatant in-your-face shot at Catholics.

Members may want to let the editor know what they think. They can contact him at 41 N. Church Street, Carbondale, PA 18407-1991.

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