Ozzy Osbourne is one of those rock musicians who is known more for his obscenities than for his artistry. Back in the early 1980s, he was fond of biting off the heads of bats while performing (he received 27 rabies shots). Oh, yes, there was also the time when he urinated on the Alamo shrine while doing his thing. His latest target is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The “Ozzfest ’98” T-shirt depicts an obviously demonized version of the image of the Virgin Mary. Opening the folds of her mantle, she reveals a collection of equally demonic characters, including one wearing the collar of a Roman Catholic priest, another in the robed garb of a Catholic monk, and still another holding a cross.

Osbourne’s materials regularly feature satanic imagery and gratuitous uses of the cross. Yet turning an image of the Virgin Mary into a satanic figure is a new low even for him.

We have written to Dell Furano, president and CEO at Sony Signatures, the distributor of the T-Shirt. You can reach him at 2 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 74105.

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