How many times have we heard how “repressive” Catholic education is? Funny how all these repressed kids seem to do so well in society, especially as compared to their liberated public school cohorts.

The latest offender in this regard is a publication called Time/The Princeton Review. The volume purports to provide information to prospective students about higher education opportunities and career choices. It also teaches them about anti-Catholic stereotypes.

In the latest edition of the publication, there is a piece by Ronald Lieber that discusses, rather anecdotally, the educational experiences of Daniel Zemans. We learn that Dan decided to postpone going to college once he graduated from high school. We also learn that when Dan graduated from a Catholic school in Chicago, “he felt beaten down by the repressive atmosphere.”

Poor Dan. How he managed to succeed as a paid Congressional intern after being so “repressed” is beyond us. But he did. How Mr. Lieber explains this apparent anomaly is also something that puzzles us.

We wrote to John Katzman at Time/The Princeton Review (it is not affiliated with the university) stating that “it would be highly unlikely for [the publication] to publish this remark had Mr. Zemans’ comment been about his experience at a yeshiva.” We have asked for an explanation.

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