Bill Donohue comments on a slur made by New Hampshire Republican state representative Susan DeLemus:

“The Pope is the anti-Christ.” We’ve heard this line many times before: it typically comes from some Protestant anti-Catholic bigot. These are the words posted on the Facebook page of New Hampshire Rep. Susan DeLemus.

DeLemus has a very good record on such key issues as abortion and marriage, but that matters little to us. What matters is her Catholic bashing, and what she said about Pope Francis is a vintage expression of it. Quite frankly, there can be no coalition between pro-life and pro-marriage (properly understood) Catholics and people like her.

After making her comment, DeLemus attempted to explain herself, seeking to walk back her offensive remark. She failed. She needs to apologize to Catholics and pledge not to promote anti-Catholicism again.

We are sending this news release to all her colleagues in the New Hampshire legislature.


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