Bill Donohue comments on tweets made by Ann Coulter:

Four years ago, Ann Coulter flashed her political IQ by concluding that Mitt Romney was the most conservative candidate in the race. Her new hero is Donald Trump. That’s fine, but what is not okay is her nasty tendency to rant against Catholicism.

When the dustup between Trump and Pope Francis erupted last week, Coulter swung into action. She started out with a few throw-away lines about the pope’s authority, questioning his free speech rights and the Church’s tax-exempt status. Then she really got into the gutter: “Quick Quiz: Btwn Trump & the Pope, which one runs a huge multinational that protects subordinates when they rape little boys?”

Vintage Coulter. Not only does she know nothing about the First Amendment, she cannot contain her bigotry.

The real problem with Coulter is her unmanliness: whenever she smears someone, or makes bigoted comments, she runs, defensively saying that we don’t get her jokes. But she is not joking. Nor is her buddy Bill Maher when he lashes out at the Catholic Church. They are serious, and as such they should be held accountable. The comedic facade doesn’t work anymore.

If Trump were wise, he would sever all ties with this bigot. He doesn’t need to be tied to her Catholic problem.

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