The letter below was written by Bill Donohue is response to an article, “I’m not a racist, but…,” that appeared in today’s Newsday.

January 5, 2007

Mr. James Klurfeld

235 Pinelawn Rd.
Melville, NY 11747-4250

Dear Mr. Klurfeld:

Randy Blazak’s article about hate speech is the most politically correct piece written on the subject I have seen in some time (“I’m Not a Racist, But…”, 1-5). He seems only to recognize bigotry against Jews, homosexuals and African Americans, blaming, of course, straight white Christians for everything. Like Blazak, I am a sociologist (I previously taught sociology and political science), but unlike him I do not make accusations without offering empirical evidence.

Blazak finds great meaning in the fact that one menorah was knocked down on Long Island while a Christian display was left unharmed. “Hate crimes have a defensive religious motive behind them,” he writes. Too bad he didn’t mention the scores of nativity scenes that were vandalized this past Christmas—some in places where menorahs were left unharmed—and then speculate as to who might be responsible. But then again, in his mind, there is no war on Christmas. Funny how the work of the Catholic League detailing this war was picked up by AP and reported in dozens of newspapers, here and abroad. Indeed, we posted a “Christmas Watch” listing on our website offering example after example.

Nor does Blazak seem to know that in his home state, Oregonians strongly rejected a referendum in 2004 approving gay marriage. In his mind, “racist skinheads” are the only ones who disapprove.

Blazak’s quip that “Santa Claus has been winning the war on Hanukkah” is quite revealing. There is no Christian war on Hanukkah, but there is a secular war on Christmas. It is not menorahs that are barred from display in New York City schools, just crèches. Interestingly, the ADL has filed an amicus brief in support of this discriminatory policy.

“Suburbs are the new battleground as straight white Christian men are told that somebody is trying to take their privileges away,” he writes. Again, more bashing—done in the name of fighting bigotry. Yup, it’s those straight white Catholics and Protestants who are the problem. Sorry—just those who are male. Moreover, it would be nice to know what “privileges” these guys have and who gave it to them. Are Asians, who proportionately have more college degrees than any other ethnic group, another example of a people who have been “privileged”? Or did they just happen to earn their success? Since homosexuals earn, on average, more than heterosexuals, can we assume that they, too, have been “privileged”? Or is it just those straight white Christian male types who have been “privileged”?

If Blazak wants to know where he can find real intolerance, I suggest he visit the faculty lounge and bring a tape recorder. Better yet, have a student record his own classroom lectures and then post it on the Internet. After all, I’m posting this letter on the Catholic League’s website.

Newsday does not enjoy a great reputation among many Catholics. Wonder why.


William A. Donohue

cc: Randy Blazak

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