Needlessly offensive is the way we characterized two recent items that crossed our desks.

The October edition of Premiere magazine made quick mention of an upcoming movie called “Tomcats.”  The film is a comedy about seven men who bet on who will be the last to marry.  In one scene, a man stands in a Catholic church before a priest and altar boys wearing a tuxedo.  He is also depicted with an obvious erection; the caption below the picture says the groom “gets a lift from some Viagra-spiked wine.”

It was tasteless enough for the film’s producers to cut this scene, but it was inexcusably exploitative of Premiere to select it for distribution.

The other item is the work of a group called The Second Coming Project.  Their goal is to clone Jesus.  They hope to obtain a small DNA sample from Christian relics and secure a scientist to perform the cloning procedure.  What they want to do is put a cloned Jesus in a female volunteer’s womb and carry “him” to term in a totally immaculate conception.  The birth is scheduled for December 25, 2001.

Whatever happens, we surely hope these wonder brains don’t plan on cloning themselves.

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