One of the most obnoxious anti-Jesuit publications is Free American; it also has a website by that name.  It is the work of some right-wing/super patriot/traditionalist/fundamentalist group of conspiratorial maniacs who hate Catholics.  And they hate the Jesuits most of all.

According to these nuts, the Jesuits run the CIA, KGB, FBI, the Mafia Commission and the Israeli Mussad.  The Jesuits also founded the Illuminati, run Freemasonry and have taken over the Knights of Malta.  They ran the French Revolution and controlled Napoleon.  In fact, the French Revolution was orchestrated to punish France and Austria for their suppression.  In addition, it is the Jesuits who are behind the Zionists.  And oh, yes, the Jesuits control the drug trade.

Now we knew that Father Tom Reese over at America was a busy guy, but we never knew he was this busy.  Or this mischievous.  We suspect that it is the corrupting influence of Father Jim Martin.

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