If anyone wants proof of the ubiquity of anti-Catholicism, let him consider what happened recently at the State University of New York’s  Albany campus.

A motivational speaker was invited by the university’s Division of Finance and Business to give an address. In the course of his remarks, the speaker made many snide references to his Catholic upbringing, and even went so far as to ridicule the Eucharist.

Bill Donohue wrote to a school official requesting that this person never be invited back to the campus. “Surely there are good motivational speakers in the Albany area who can fire up a crowd without resorting to cheap shots at the Catholic faith,” Donohue wrote. He also noted that the person in charge of the Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action was apprised of this incident and was not pleased with what happened.

It is our hope that this speaker is never invited back.

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