An important religious group, Christian Solidarity International (CSI), recently established a new group, Coalition to Save Iraqi Christians. CSI Chairman and CEO Dr. John Eibner contacted Dr. Donohue and asked him to join the new organization’s board of advisors. Donohue was happy to say yes.

CSI is billed as “a Christian human rights organization for religious liberty helping victims of religious repression, victimized children and victims of disaster.” Dr. Eibner stresses that the U.S. government should “work towards developing a secure homeland province for religious minorities and should facilitate the voluntary return and resettlement of refugees and internally displaced persons following effective security measures.”

Saving Iraqi Christians is a noble cause that should command the attention of all Christians.  And given the support that American Iraqi Catholics gave to our boycott of the Miller Brewing Company last fall, Donohue felt obliged to return the favor and lend his support to CSI’s latest venture.

We thought you would like to know about this development.

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