The following are locations where crèches and Christmas displays were attacked during the Christmas season:

· Foreman, Arkansas
· Rogers, Arkansas
· Antioch, California
· Glastonbury, Connecticut
· Arredondo Farms, Florida (three instances)
· Bal Harbour, Florida
· Fort Walton Beach, Florida
· Panama City, Florida (more than a dozen instances)
· Tampa, Florida
· Bainbridge, Georgia
· Schaumberg, Illinois (two instances)
· Mandeville, Louisiana
· Minneapolis, Minnesota
· Kearney, Missouri (two instances)
· Kirkwood, Missouri
· Bozeman, Montana
· Concord, New Hampshire
· Greensboro, North Carolina
· Lattimore, North Carolina
· Westbury, New York (the homeowner was assaulted)
· Elyria, Ohio
· Sylvania Township, Ohio
· Lancaster, Pennsylvania
· Sioux Falls, South Dakota
· Leesburg, Virginia
· West Springfield, Virginia
· Marlow, West Virginia

In perhaps the sickest incident, an elementary public school coach in Marietta, Georgia drove students around the area in his pickup truck instructing them to thrash Christmas displays after dark; they also created obscene displays with some of the adorning statues.

We were pleased that the Washington Post gave credit to the Catholic League’s work tracking this issue in its edition of January 3.

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