Bill Donohue comments on reaction to Bill Maher’s incest joke about the president and his daughter:

We have been chronicling Bill Maher’s filthy assaults on Catholic priests, including Pope Francis and his predecessors, for years, so it came as no surprise that he would portray President Trump and his daughter Ivanka in an incestuous act. This is who the man is: He insults people he hates, and he does so by stooping to gutter-level humor, making a good living out of it.

Maher gets away with his filth because his audience is not offended by his obscenities. They would if he viciously assaulted Barack Obama or Caitlyn Jenner, but they have nothing to worry about—he never will.

This tells us more about Maher’s fan base than it does him. It should not matter who the object of a sexually sick joke is, but that it does is as revealing as it is troubling.

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