Bill Donohue comments on the latest con-job against the Church:

An American man says that a half-century ago he was sexually abused by another adult man; the abused was an adult at the time. The incident took place in a foreign country, and now the man who says he was abused is suing the American company the abuser once worked for, even though the abuser was subsequently fired by the organization.

This sounds like a fairy tale, except it is true. It is true because those gunning for the Catholic Church will stop at nothing to discredit it.

The alleged offender is a former Catholic priest who supposedly abused an 18-year-old man in Canada in 1969. Now the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, where the priest was stationed, is being sued for $3 million in Ontario courts.

There are alleged sexual abuse victims in every part of the world, in every secular and religious institution, but there is no interest in hunting down the bad guys five decades later, unless, of course, the offender once worked for the Catholic Church.

Such ventures have nothing to do with justice—this is about vengeance and money.

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