Bill Donohue announces a new campaign:

Anyone who has been following our work knows that Macy’s engages in thought control (click here). This contempt for our most basic right—the right to believe what we choose—cannot go unanswered.

Starting tomorrow, we will commence a new campaign against Macy’s: over the next several weeks, we will roll out the evidence—issuing a few press releases each week—detailing Macy’s shameful history of intolerance.

It is important that those who receive our statements contact the Macy’s media executive named on our releases. We will provide their email address, but we count on you to follow through.

We are not going to drop this issue—too much is at stake. Indeed, we have even bigger plans down the road. We will raise the funds necessary to launch a national campaign, and when we are finished, Macy’s sterling reputation will be history.

This campaign will not be called off until justice is done. The ball is in Macy’s court.

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