Bill Donohue comments on Macy’s treatment of a military veteran:

Army Specialist Kayla Reyes had returned home after a year-long deployment in Afghanistan when she applied for a job at Macy’s Fresno, Calif. store in 2014. Having also had past retail experience, she seemed an excellent candidate for employment.

But Macy’s hiring manager treated Reyes’ military service as a disqualifier!

Having been “over there (Afghanistan),” Reyes says she was told, “you wouldn’t really know how to approach people.”

“Once a customer’s in your face, you wouldn’t know how to do it. You wouldn’t know how to react,” she recalls the hiring manager telling her.

Of course, once this disgraceful episode was made public, Macy’s PR machine kicked into action, and a message was posted on Facebook assuring one and all that Reyes had, in fact, been offered a job.

“Correct,” the Afghanistan war veteran wrote in response. “A few weeks after the interview and after this story went viral, I did receive an email for a job there.” She turned it down.

As we’ve been reporting for weeks (click here), Macy’s bends over backwards to accommodate transgender agitators, even firing employees who voice religious objections to men using women’s bathrooms. Yet they balk at hiring a well-qualified military veteran, insulting her in the process, until they are shamed by public exposure into offering her a job.

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