Bill Donohue comments on Macy’s abusive treatment of elderly widows:

Of the many varied victims of Macy’s sordid history—which we will continue to detail—elderly widows seem to come in for special abuse. Karen Padgett and Dr. Sonia Saceda, both of Florida, ran afoul of Macy’s collections department last year, seeking payment of money they did not owe.

Macy’s charged Saceda’s credit card $1,596 for purchases she did not make. Then they started calling the 79-year-old, 20 year army veteran as often as three times a day, seven days a week, seeking payment. When she contacted Macy’s, they assured her she would not have to pay. But the calls continued, followed by threats to take legal action against her.

Padgett, 75, noticed a $111 charge to her Macy’s credit card that she could not account for. As far back as last October, the store assured her that the charge would be removed. But each month, she received statements not only showing the bogus charge still there, but with interest and late payment penalties added! By April the charge was up to $426.87—and Macy’s was threatening to send a collection agency after her.

In both cases, only after media became involved did Macy’s move in earnest to stop the harassment of these elderly widows. It seems that public shaming is the only thing Macy’s responds to. And so we’ll continue to shine a light on their sordid history, until they rectify their latest offense: firing a man for his Catholic beliefs (click here).

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