Bill Donohue comments on Macy’s cutting off benefits from an employee injured on the job:

Kevin Schiller had worked for Macy’s in Texas for 21 years when he was injured on the job in 2010. A mannequin had fallen 12 feet onto his head in a storage room, knocking him to the floor where he hit his head on the cement. Suffering persistent headaches, memory loss, disorientation and extreme sensitivity to bright light and loud sound, he was unable to work regularly any more.

Macy’s, however, was skeptical of his injury from the beginning. In legal papers, they claimed that the accident never happened, and implied that it was staged. They cut off all benefits for medical care and lost pay. Schiller lost his house and his pick-up truck as a result. Doctors Macy’s sent him to concluded that he was either psychosomatic or faking.

However, specialists Schiller went to at his own expense—about $90,000— diagnosed a traumatic brain injury. And a Social Security judge declared Schiller disabled.

So add injured workers to the list of people—employees as well as customers—who Macy’s routinely mistreats. The latest, of course, is Javier Chavez, a Catholic man fired for having the temerity to disagree with Macy’s “transgender” bathroom policy; even though he agreed to abide by that policy (click here).

Contact Macy’s Group Vice President, Holly Thomas:

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