Bill Donohue comments on a story in the New York Daily News:

Up until recently, the Daily News had no record of spewing hatred toward the Catholic Church. That all changed when it was clear that the paper was nearly bankrupt. A decision was obviously made to gin up sales by attacking the Catholic Church.

In today’s edition, there is a story about a priest who has been asked to step down pending an investigation that he molested a teenage boy 30 years ago. The priest says he is innocent.

The news story never bothers to question why three decades passed before the accuser surfaced, but it does take the opportunity to criticize those who opposed bills that would suspend the statute of limitations for such offenses. It blames the Catholic Church for campaigning against this anti-civil libertarian measure, never mentioning the role that Jews and others played in defending the constitutional rights of the accused.

The anti-Catholic animus is also evident in the paper’s treatment of the priest’s advice on homosexuality. He reportedly is known for counseling gays to be celibate. So? Would the Daily News prefer he recommend promiscuity? Why is this news at all? Orthodox Jews, evangelical Protestants, Muslims, and Mormons all share the same teachings on homosexuality. Of course, the purpose of mentioning this is to portray the priest as a hypocrite.

The Daily News knows where to go to find liars. Citing Anne Barrett Doyle, co-director of BishopAccountability, the story says that “the Archdiocese of New York notoriously hides information, preventing a more complete picture of the extent of abuse among priests in the state.” In a revealing lament, Doyle opines, “We know of very few accused priests in New York State.”

Doyle is taking her cues from the founder of BishopAccountability, Terence McKiernan. He has accused New York Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan of “keeping the lid on 55 names” of predator priests.

This is a lie. Several times I have called McKiernan out on this matter, demanding that he produce the names. He never responds. And the Daily News will never ask him or Doyle for the evidence. Now I am calling out Doyle: release your evidence that the New York Archdiocese is “hiding” information about miscreant priests. Put up or shut up.

The Daily News has more than a cash-flow problem: it is morally bankrupt. Even in the sordid world of tabloid journalism, its reputation is mud.

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