Bill Donohue comments on Macy’s selective commitment to “diversity”:

Recently, we reported on Macy’s firing of a Catholic employee for simply holding a religious belief that differed with Macy’s policy of allowing crossdressing men to use the women’s restroom (click here). Nor is this the first time that Macy’s has discriminated against people of faith in the name of “diversity”.

In 2011 Natalie Johnson, an African American employee at Macy’s San Antonio Rivercenter department store, was fired after she told a crossdressing man he could not use the women’s changing rooms. In justifying the firing, Macy’s cited its policy of “diversity and inclusion.” Johnson pointed out, however, that that policy also protects against religious discrimination, and should have prevented Macy’s from firing her for her religious beliefs.

It didn’t, because as demonstrated once again in this case, Macy’s rather narrow view of “diversity and inclusion” does not include accommodating employees’ sincerely held religious beliefs. Instead, they are to be punished for those beliefs.

Macy’s various media representatives must continue to hear from us on this. Today, we focus on media relations director Orlando Veras.



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