The evidence is unmistakable: 81 percent of the victims of priestly sexual abuse were male, the majority of whom were postpubescent. Since 100 percent of the victimizers were male, we’re talking about homosexuality, not pedophilia. Yet the cultural elite refuse to deal with reality, and have indeed waged an unprecedented cover-up.

Two items in today’s New York Times are relevant. There is a review of a mime performance, “America LoveSexDeath,” that makes mention of one of the acts, “The Priest and the Altar Boy.” From another source, it is reported that this act “depicts a priest undressing a child clearly meant to be five or six and leaves little of the ensuing activity to the imagination.” It is a sure bet that not a single artist in the nation would ever do a performance based on the typical case, namely one which depicted a gay priest hitting on a postpubsescent male.

The Times also has a news piece by Ian Fisher covering the pope’s trip to Austria. He writes that among many Austrian Catholics, there is “lingering anger over pedophilia scandals.” But the scandal has been a homosexual one all along, and anyone who reads the data knows this to be true.

Lying about the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church is commonplace. And the central reason why the lying continues is because the elites do not want to bash gays (which is fine). They just want to bash priests.

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