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Bill Donohue comments on a story in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer about LGBT dissident Catholics turning to Methodists for recognition:

It is hardly surprising that the World Meeting of Families Congress, which is being hosted by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, would insist that this Catholic event feature Catholic speakers. Yet the Philadelphia Inquirer still treats as breaking news the rejection of groups that have publicly professed their rejection of key Catholic teachings.

The four dissident Catholic LGBT groups that are not welcome to engage in mutiny at this event are New Ways Ministry, Dignity USA, Fortunate Families, and Call to Action. But they have been invited to hold fort at a local Methodist church. Good for them. They have finally found a home.

The leaders of New Ways Ministry were “permanently removed” from any “pastoral work involving homosexuals” under Pope John Paul II. Three U.S. cardinals have also said that it is a phony Catholic group.

Dignity USA has also been blasted by bishops. This year, to show what side it is on, it featured as its Keynote Speaker, Dan Savage, the most obscene anti-Catholic in the nation. The Inquirer would never dare print what he has said about popes, bishops, priests, and nuns.

Fortunate Families, while not vile, nonetheless refuses to accept Catholic teachings on homosexuality and marriage. Small wonder it was rebuffed.

Call to Action is so crazy that its members have been excommunicated in some dioceses. It has been in rebellion against the Church for decades.

So these are the people the Philadelphia Inquirer sympathizes with, not the loyal sons and daughters of the Church. But taking sides with those who bear an animus against Catholicism is not exactly virgin territory for this newspaper. It’s had lots of practice.

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