Bill Donohue comments on a front-page story in Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer on the World Meeting of Families next month:

The Philadelphia Inquirer wants to know why there is just one session on LGBT issues at the World Meeting of Families. Here’s why: the event is featuring over 100 speakers, and gays comprise 1.6 percent of the population. Seems about right. Moreover, my analysis of the program yields five areas of interest: theological, demographic, sexuality, challenges to the family, and family adversity.

Theological issues include “Living as the image of God: Created for Joy and Love”; “Promoting the Dignity of the Human Person”; “Mary of Nazareth: First Disciple and Mother of the Redeemer”; “The Bible: A Book for the Family”; and “Eucharist as a Model for the Family.”

Demographic issues include “Family and Demographic Dynamics in the World”; “Blended Families”; “Hispanic Families”; “Immigrant Families”; “Women in the Family”; “The Elderly”; and “Grandparents.”

Sexuality issues include “The Meaning of Sexuality”; “Sexuality in the Divine Plan”; “The Complementarity of the Sexes”; “Homosexuality”; “Humanae Vitae“; “The ‘Hook-Up’ Culture”; and “Dating.”

Challenges include “Parents as Primary Catechists”; “Growing in Virtue”; “Fostering Vocations in the Home”; “Interfaith Marriage”; “Health Finances”; “Infertility”; and “Disabilities.”

Adversity issues include “Suffering and the Family”; “Forgiveness”; “Damaged Relationships”; “Separation”; “Divorce”; and “Domestic Violence.”

The only segments of society that are unhappy with the program are gays and their allies in the media. Time for them to get over it.

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