Bill Donohue comments on David Letterman’s latest cheap shots:

On February 11 and 13, David Letterman got a little too cute for us. We didn’t say anything on Tuesday about Monday night’s shots, but when spliced together with last night’s, it suggests a disturbing pattern.

On Monday, after twice saying the pope has “a chronic neck problem,” Letterman let loose with, “He’s got a chronic neck problem and apparently the chronic neck problem is for looking the other way so many times.” He then said the Vatican “is already holding auditions to see who might be the next pope and we have one of those auditions that’s going on.” Footage was then shown of acrobats taking off their shirts and then performing for the pope; he looks on while rock music is played.

Last night, Letterman said that besides looking for someone who is a biblical scholar and at least 60 years old, the Vatican is looking for “a guy who is good at transferring creepy priests.”

Letterman’s attack on the pope and gays is despicable. (Though he didn’t cite gays by name, we all know who he meant.) In fairness, just because most molesting priests have been homosexuals, doesn’t mean that most gay priests are molesters. Moreover, when the homosexual scandal was going on (mid-60s to mid-80s), therapy and rehabilitation were sold by the liberal elite as the preferred means of redress.

It is bad enough when someone who carries the baggage of sexual harassment is also guilty of serial adultery. Even worse is when that same person keeps throwing stones at those accused of sexual wrongdoing.

Perhaps at his next weekly session with his shrink (click here), Letterman will discuss this issue. Meanwhile, he ought to refrain from taking sweeping shots at homosexuals, however nuanced they may be.

Contact his publicity director, Kim Izzo-Emmet:

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