Bill Donohue comments on remarks made yesterday by Illinois State Senator Martin Sandoval on the floor of the Illinois Senate:

Senator Sandoval, a Catholic, voted in favor of gay marriage yesterday. Although that puts him at odds with the Church’s teachings, it is certainly something he is entitled to do. What he is not entitled to do is to mock the Catholic Church.

Speaking sarcastically, Sandoval spoke of the “stellar record of morality and example” set by the Catholic Church. This was followed by, “Quite the contrary my fellow senators, quite the contrary.” He then went on a rant about his days in the seminary.

Sandoval said he experienced alcoholism and homosexuality, and “even met men that were pedophiles.” But none were guilty of any wrongdoing. Indeed, it was through “no fault of their own” that they descended to such a level. Then he unloaded: the culprit was “the Church and its leaders who did not provide any support to these—to these good men of faith.”

Senator Sandoval owes Catholics an apology; then this issue can be put to rest. If he wants to disagree with the Church, that is his business. But to let loose this way is inexcusable. No wonder many of his colleagues were embarrassed.

Everyone knows there are morally flawed persons in the Church, some seriously so, but that hardly justifies making a sweeping indictment of the institution. No one credits the entire Catholic Church for the good deeds of Mother Teresa. Ergo, no one should condemn the entire Catholic Church for the misdeeds of its members.

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