The movie, The Last Supper, while not offensive to Catholics, nonetheless offended Catholics with its promotional material. The league, responding to many complaints, wrote a letter of protest to Sony Picture Releasing president, Jeffrey Blake.

“Our position,” said Dr. Donohue, “is unambiguous: the use of religious symbols by profit-making institutions should be treated reverentially, or not at all. I would be most interested in knowing your thoughts on this matter.

“In addition, perhaps you can explain to me why the display of a tomato, complete with a crown of thorns and flame emanating from its top, poised above a table of actors toasting wine, should be used to advertise a movie called The Last Supper? The New York engagement opening on Good Friday also deserves explanation.”

The response from Sony was decisive: “We have taken the unusual step of modifying our marketing campaign by removing the crown of thorns from the tomato, a depiction that you may have interpreted as offensive.”

The league is satisfied with this modification.

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