Last November, the Catholic League sent a letter to the president of Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California complaining about a display called, “H.I.V. and You.” The poster, which was placed outside the administration office, showed a stern looking cleric (who happened to resemble a bishop) erasing a chalkboard which said, “I will use condoms”; a young student was depicted watching the cleric.

In the letter to the president of the college, the league said, in part, “It is one thing to question what are the most appropriate anti-AIDS measures, quite another to maliciously caricature a religion’s teachings on sexuality. What makes this so disturbing is that in an age when multiculturalism is embraced by the academy, there are still vestiges of intolerance against some groups.”

The league called for direct action on this matter and is pleased to report that shortly after our letter arrived, the display was withdrawn. Word of this victory just reached us in April.

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