Bill Donohue comments on last night’s episode of “The Real O’Neals”:

Just another typical Tuesday night with “The Real O’Neals” on ABC:

The boys are fighting over which one of them should be the “faith leader” for a Catholic youth retreat at their high school; their school’s vice principal is worried that Kenny, who is gay, might be uncomfortable at the retreat sleeping with a roomful of boys; and their sister, having decided to have her first kiss, is interviewing boys to see who will be the lucky recipient. Ultimately, Kenny needs an appearance from Jesus to convince him to forgive his brother Jimmy—and let Jimmy “prank him” by tying him up—after Jimmy is named “faith leader.”

Meanwhile, back at the family home, Dad knowingly brings home a lesbian friend—who quickly takes an interest in Mom. Dad becomes jealous that his friend seems more interested in his wife than in him, and a raucous argument ensues between husband and wife.

This, of course, is Disney/ABC’s idea of a typical Catholic family: confused, dysfunctional, and shallow beyond belief.

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