Bill Donohue comments on the scene in Albany today:

Today is the day when those who claim to be concerned about the sexual abuse of minors show up in Albany to lobby for a bill that would lift the statute of limitations on such offenses. Many are genuinely well-meaning, but others are not.

The latter are populated most conspicuously by phonies and mean-spirited activists whose only goal is to stick it to the Catholic Church. SNAP, BishopAccountability, Call to Action, and Catholic Whistleblowers are about as representative of Catholics as the bigots from the Westboro Baptist Church are of Protestants.

These four groups are not really organizations: SNAP has no central office or day-to-day employees, and is headed by a guy who admits to lying to the media; BishopAccountability is nothing but a website, and a dishonest one at that; Call to Action is a rag-tag assembly of dissident Catholics, some of whom have been ex-communicated; and Catholic Whistleblowers could fit all of its members into a phone booth.

Albany lawmakers should give all legitimate activists and lobbyists the respect they deserve. But they are under no obligation to listen to haters.

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