There is a book called “The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys” that contains some offensive references to Catholicism that is cause for concern. The cover of the novel looks like a comic book with all the trappings of Mad magazine. We wouldn’t bother mentioning this except that actress Jodie Foster is producing a movie based on the book and is featured in the film playing a one-legged nun.

The movie, which is just getting started, carries the same name of the book. It is about a gang of Catholic school friends who are caught drawing an obscene comic book and plan on rebelling by planning a heist designed to make them local legends.

Maybe there’s nothing to worry about. Just in case, we wrote to Foster and to Graham King at Initial Entertainment Group letting them know we will be keeping tabs on things. “We hope it will not be a vehicle for bashing the Catholic Church,” we said. Time will tell.

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