On the last page of the March edition of Esquire magazine, Larry Doyle roasted Bill Donohue in his piece, “An Open Letter to All Academy Members, Creative Artists, and Anyone Else Who Still Believes in Freedom of Expression.”

Doyle took some literary liberties by charging that Donohue was vehemently complaining about a new movie, “christblood.” Claiming that Donohue had labeled the movie “a zombie picture with Jesus as an undead killing machine,” Doyle took the Catholic League president to task for choosing to condemn the film “WITHOUT HAVING SEEN A SINGLE FOOT OF THE COMPLETED FILM.”

Donohue tried valiantly to even the score by writing back: “What Larry doesn’t know is that I never even saw an early screening of the flick—I simply heard some foul-mouthed film critic brag how he liked it while downing a few pints at Joe’s Bar and Grill. Once I discovered that the critic was bankrolled by CondŠ Nast, I knew the movie had to be anti-Catholic. So that saved me from having to see it.”

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