Poor Kathy Griffin. At the pinnacle of her career, she’s consumed by hate. When she received her Emmy award in September for her reality show, she shrieked “Suck it, Jesus, this award is my God now.” And last night on her Bravo special “Kathy Griffin: Straight to Hell,” she lashed out again.

Griffin warmed up by attacking the Catholic League for its criticism of her September stunt, saying “Don’t pull your Catholic kid f**ker bulls**t with me, mother f**kers.” What is most disturbing is that she went on to abuse all Catholics and paint all priests as molesters by saying, “The Catholics, they should f**king talk. They got bigger fish to fry than my little jokes. I remember Father Porter.”

So that’s how it is. This ex-Catholic and self-proclaimed “complete militant atheist” gets her jollies by smearing the reputations of the innocent, trashing the Church and knocking Jesus. It’s sad that she feels she must resort to puerile attacks to get laughs. And sadder still that her audience eats it up. Pity Miss Griffin. Being driven by rage can’t be all that much fun.

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