Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded today to remarks made by “Lost Tomb of Jesus” filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici in the March 26 edition of TelevisionWeek:

Jacobovici: “The fact that nobody has been able to punch a hole in our reporting is a testament to how well we’ve done our homework. Even if it’s only a 50-50 chance [of being Jesus’ tomb], it’s still the biggest story on the planet.”

Donohue: “The big story is the avalanche of scholarly criticism that the ‘Titanic Fraud’ has triggered. From the Biblical Archaeology Society to esteemed professors in Israel, experts have torn this fable to shreds. For a quick sample, click here. Nice to know, however, that Simcha is not as cock-sure as James Cameron is. Cameron wrote in the Foreword to the book, The Jesus Family Tomb, that their work proves ‘beyond any reasonable doubt’ that they’ve found the Jesus family tomb. Now if that were the case, the book would be replete with evidence. In fact, there is not one endnote or footnote in the book. It doesn’t even have an index.”

Jacobovici: “In France, they were remarkably open to the whole idea—even though it’s a Catholic country.”

Donohue: “Historian Alain Besançon estimates that there are more Muslims than practicing Catholics in France. And that was seven years ago. So why wouldn’t secular France be open to these dumb ideas?”

Jacobovici: “Our little reenactments, I’d put them up against [the work of] Mel Gibson and [Martin] Scorsese….I’ve seen any number of crucifixion stories that have potatoes and corn in the marketplace.”

 Donohue: “This is what happens when you eat too many potatoes and corn. Time to clear the mind and down a few brews, guys.”

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