Bill Donohue comments on the endorsement of Donald Trump by Jerry Falwell Jr.:

Good for Donald Trump—he has Jerry Falwell Jr. in his corner. I do not know the president of Liberty University but I knew his father; we had a cordial relationship. Now that Trump has lined up his support among evangelical notables, perhaps he can address his problem with Catholics.

Trump has no record of anti-Catholicism, but the same cannot be said of his campaign spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson. She has derided Catholics (click here) and has yet to apologize. We need to hear from Trump about this matter—the sooner the better.

For the record, though I am a conservative, I am neither Republican nor Democrat; I am happily Independent. One reason I am is because not a presidential election season goes by without someone connected to a candidate saying something offensive about Catholicism. Moreover, in this case, it should be known that I am not one of those conservatives who hates Donald Trump.

Contact Trump’s Press Secretary, Hope Hicks:

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