Bill Donohue comments on the presidential candidates and religion:

Looks like they’ve all discovered “God talk.” This includes Bernie Sanders, a devout secularist. He eschews religious ties, though even he says, “I think everyone believes in God in their own way.” Hillary Clinton, who has never been known for her strong religious convictions, told a tiny group of Iowans yesterday that religion “is very important to me.” She did not elaborate.

Last week Donald Trump told a Liberty University audience that “Christianity [is] under siege.” Yet he still refuses to address an anti-Catholic tweet made by his chief spokesperson, Katrina Pierson [click here]. Now Trump is set to be introduced to a crowd this weekend by Rev. Robert Jeffress, another Protestant who has made anti-Catholic remarks. In 2010, he accused the Catholic Church of doing the work of Satan [click here]. Trump now needs to address Jeffress as well.

Jeb Bush sounded very much like Trump last year when he told a Liberty University audience that Christianity is under attack as “something static, narrow and outdated.” Yesterday, he questioned Trump’s veracity. When asked if he thought Trump was a Christian, he said, “No, I don’t know what he is.” Is Bush now calling Trump a liar? He provided no evidence to back up his comment.

Marco Rubio has played musical chairs with religion: He has been a Catholic, a Mormon, and an evangelical Protestant; now he says he is a Catholic again. However, he doesn’t drop the word “Catholicism” when talking to his followers; he prefers to speak about Christianity. Ted Cruz speaks “God talk” better than others, and notes that his father, Rafael, is a pastor. Catholics take note: Rev. Cruz has accused the Catholic Church of “crossing their hands and doing nothing” about the Holocaust [click here]. In fact, no institution did more to undermine Hitler than the Catholic Church. Mr. Cruz should address his father’s ignorant smear.

“God talk” doesn’t cut it. Sincerity does.

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