Secular and Catholic hospitals are merging throughout the nation and no one is more perturbed about this than Frances Kissling of Catholics for a Free Choice. What bothers her is the fact that Catholic hospitals don’t kill the kids.

On National Public Radio, she recently offered this gem: “I think that we should not be surprised that Catholic hospitals attempt to enforce their moral vision on entities that they absorb. What I think, however, we should be surprised at is the acquiescence of the non-Catholic partner hospital and the government, in many instances, to give up these services.”

Notice the bit about Catholic hospitals attempting “to enforce their moral vision.” There they go again, it’s those Catholics trying to impose their morality on us. Perhaps Kissling knows of Jewish hospitals that attempt to enforce a moral vision other than the Judaic one, but if so, we haven’t heard of any. Notice, too, her use of the word “services” as a euphemism for abortion. She is a master of double-speak.

The good news is that fewer and fewer take Kissling seriously. But don’t tell that to her financial backers at the Ford Foundation—they still think the former abortion operator is at the cutting edge.

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