Geoffrey Fieger, counsel to Dr. Death, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, wants to be governor of Michigan. This is curious, to say the least, given his affection for Catholics and Jews. Here’s a sample of his sentiments.

“Jesus is just some goofball that got nailed to the cross,” is one of Fieger’s more memorable lines. He has also branded Cardinal Maida a “nut” and has called Orthodox Jews who oppose assisted suicide as being “closer to Nazis than they think they are.”

The media have done a good job exposing Fieger for the bigot that he is, so if he wins, it won’t be because no one knows where he stands. What follows is, in part, what William Donohue had to say in the pages of the Detroit News about the candidate:

“Fieger’s remark that his comments have been taken out of context is lame: every bigoted statement he has ever made was purposely done, the object of which was to insult and offend. If Michigan voters do to their David Duke what the voters in Louisiana did to their homegrown embarrassment, the rest of the nation will sleep easier knowing that hate-mongers can carry their message only so far.”

It will be interesting to see if, in this climate of “anything goes politics,” whether Fieger will be elected. It will surely say more about the voters of Michigan than about Fieger himself. After all, we all know where he stands.

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